Collage No. 34 // Ballet 2nd Edition

So here is another ballet inspired collage, therefore I called it the 2nd edition. As you can see, my love for ballet that started when I was 3 years old continues. Even though I am not doing it anymore lately but one day I will certainly get back into soon as I am financially more stable! So that's my goal! 

I am a bit behind with designing and blogging ever since my vacation in Corsica. Coming back to Germany where it is cold and dark, the darkness and the cold certainly take my energy and I also have my teaching job, so not a big surprise that I could not keep up with the daily blogging anymore or not even the 5 times a week blogging. Well, my goal is to blog every two or three days but lately I struggle a bit. Let's see when I get back into more blogging and designing again...hopefully soon!

Wishing you all a good start of the new week!

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Any other ballet lovers out here? Feel free to share with me if you are also one of them!

images via pinterest -- all images used are for inspirational purposes only