Collage No. 50 // 3rd Edition Ballet

So once again I did another ballet inspired collage, since it is the third one I decided to call it 3rd edition. Lately I love experimenting with framing, also I like to keep the collages as minimal as possible these days. I admit this one is quite playful but I want to get back to a very minimal approach again with my next collage. 

Well, I have not made up my mind yet if I continue with the collage series once I created 60 collages. I will see, for now 10 more collages to go and then I have to make up my mind. So far I can say that the learning effect from the collage series to me feels huge, I really feel that I have improved my skills, my feeling for aesthetics and good taste and trained my designer's eye. I guess I also now feel quite safe in the comfort zone of creating collages, so that should be a main reason to move on to a new project series in order to challenge myself, to try something new and to further improve my skills. Anyways, these are just some of my thoughts lately. 

Maybe I start a new challenge to improve my illustration skills because that is another discipline that I really want to become good at some day - and as we all know if you want to do something well, lots of practise usually is involved. So this could possibly be a new project series for me, in the past I really loved to draw and also I was good at it, but then after I got really discouraged in high school I stopped all of a sudden. How stupid of me?! I should not have stopped but once we are older we look at things quite different than we did back in the days. If there is one thing that being older taught me it is to not care so much about what other people think and also not of their judgements - because let's face it, quite often how somebody else judges or treats you, says more about that person than about you! But it took me a long time to finally learn that.

All that I am saying is that you should be kind, even to people who are not kind - they need it most it seems (I don't remember who said that but I think it is true). 

So here is collage no. 50 and I stop writing for now. 

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images found via pinterest, graphic design by me