The Freelance Issue No. 2 - How you blog

I think there are quite a few different ways of blogging. The way you blog depends on your preferences and your audience. For example the blogs I love reading most are the ones where I get the feeling of getting to know the blogger behind the scenes a little better. I mainly follow blogs of people who are writing quite transparent and who also don't mind sharing a few personal things with you. I think this makes the blogger so much more tangible and you can relate to them.

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I am bored out of my minds from blogs that only focus on 'how to posts' and business posts. This just ain't my cup of tea. Therefore I write a blog about design, freelancing but also about self-care and self-love. Well because design and freelancing is my job that I chose wisely and self-love and self-care are aspects in my life where I struggled for a very long time. But I found my way out of misery and therefore I decided that I want to share my journey here with you since I assume that many other women out there struggle as well and that in our society not many people talk about these inner struggles. I want to create a space here where like-minded people can connect and feel understood since I was going through all of these inner struggles as well and know what I am talking about and knowing how difficult it is to find your way out and how much you have to work on yourself - which is absolutely worth it. 

So apart from focusing on design and freelance posts, 'The Wellness Edition' focuses on self-care and self-love. For me it is combined because ever since becoming a freelance graphic designer I do take better care of myself as well - since I finally dared to become professionally what I have dreamt of ever since high school. It was an act of self-love and self-care to take the leap and therefore I blog about these topics besides my design and freelance journey. 

I love reading blogs of people who are transparent and vulnerable and that is the way I blog as well - because I find it incredibly inspiring and it makes it easier to connect to like-minded people as well. 

Blogging is one of the best marketing tools for freelancers, writers and entrepreneurs in general. The more experience I gain in freelancing and marketing, the more I will share them with you in 'The Freelance Issue' but as you know, I have not been in the freelance business for a long time yet, so first I have to gain more valuable experiences that I can share with you then. So for now most of my blog posts are focusing on design where I am sharing the graphics with you that I create on a daily basis to improve my skills and aesthetics and posts from 'The Wellness Edition' where I write about self-care and self-love and hopefully give you the feeling of being understood and showing you that things will eventually become better for you if you are willing to make certain profound changes in order to become the happy person you deserve to be. 

What are your thoughts about blogging and what kind of blogs do you enjoy reading most? xx, Phyllis