The Wellness Edition No. 21 // Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Wow, I have not posted a TWE in ages. Truth is, I have written a long list of topics for TWE and TFI (The Freelance Issue) but didn't come around writing the articles and designing the blog covers yet because I am so caught up with 'The Collage Series' and 'Pink Botanicals'. I have so many ideas but I am too slow to realise them all at the same time. Well, I prefer that over not having any ideas at all, so the idea overwhelm is much better, right? 

Sooo, today we talk about breakfast. I used to eat breakfast until I was about 14 years old, I suspect that at that time my thyroid really started wrecking havoc on my health because then it started that I never felt any appetite in the morning so I stopped eating breakfast. I only started eating breakfast again almost two years ago when I started working as a German teacher for refugees. I had two courses in one day, each one about 3 hours, so I knew that I had to fuel my body and brain before going to work in order to survive the day. It took me a while to get used to eating in the morning but now it really is my favourite meal of the day and after getting up I look forward to eating breakfast. 

I cannot eat anything sweet in the morning, so I aim for a salty breakfast. In my case it is a fried egg in coconut oil with bacon, orange juice and coffee with lots of milk. That's my favourite breakfast ever. Take a look at your preferences and find a breakfast that suits your taste buds. I know that many people prefer something sweet in the morning but I am certainly not one of them. For me salt and protein are important but of course balanced with carbohydrates like orange juice to not mess up my blood sugar. Since I started eating breakfast I don't have the feeling anymore to starve around noon, which before always was the case.

The Wellness Edition No. 21 // Breakfast is the most important meal of the day #design #graphicdesign #editorialdesign #phylleli #designblog #thewellnessedition #selflove #selfcare #magazinestyle #photography #typography #designblog

Eating a balanced breakfast in the morning really sets you up for your day, fuels your body and brain, stabilises your blood sugar...I think it is evident that eating breakfast is good for you. The important thing just is that you find something that you want to eat in the morning, that makes you feel well and also that you are not hungry again after an hour or so - many years I drank fruit smoothies in the morning but there the problem was that I got hungry really quick again, so I think it is rally important to balance carbohydrates and protein to prevent going hungry too quick again after having breakfast. 

So, I suggest if you are not eating breakfast yet, better get started, in order to feel well during the day. Ha, take that word from the decade-long-breakfast-avoider ;) 

What is your favourite breakfast? Please share with me in the comments. xx, Phyllis

The Wellness Edition No. 21 // Breakfast is the most important meal of the day #design #graphicdesign #editorialdesign #phylleli #designblog #thewellnessedition #selflove #selfcare #magazinestyle #photography #typography #designblog