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The Wellness Edition No.58 // Soul Cleanse

The Wellness Edition No.58 // Soul Cleanse

A soul cleanse is much needed whenever you are facing difficult times and basically that is what I was trying to do for myself again. The past few weeks were really rough because of this breakup but I slowly start to feel a little better again even though I still feel that part of my heart was ripped out of my body. The weekends and especially Sundays are very tough for me because that is the time we spent lots of time together with.

So today I spent a big amount of time cleaning my place, it was long overdue anyways and it felt really good as well, it was very relaxing and soul soothing. Cleaning and decluttering has something extremely purifying I feel.

It is very hard to let go of someone you still love even though all his actions prove that he is absolutely unlovable. So it is important to put the focus back on myself and to treat myself with lots of care, love, respect…it is something that I have been terrible at lately.

So, soul cleansing activities are perfect to put the focus back on you. Here are some soul cleansing activities to try;

  1. decluttering and cleaning your home

  2. a SPA day

  3. wellness rituals at home

  4. cooking yourself a healthy meal

  5. meeting friends

  6. a weekend spent away from home, exploring a new city

  7. being in nature, that always makes me happy

  8. reading a book

  9. learning new skills

  10. being creative, creating something beautiful

So here I gave you a few options to sooth your heart and soul and I will try to incorporate them a lot more often into my daily life from now on as well. I need to do more things that are good for me, that nourish my heart and soul and put the focus back on things that bring me further and cause me joy and happiness and make me feel good about myself.

Have a blesses Sunday, xx

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