Collage No.32 // Mood:Andalucía

Hello lovely you reading this today! Collage No. 32 is very dedicated to Andalucía, Spain. If you follow along for a while, you know how much I love Spain and that I lived in Barcelona for a while. Anyways, I cannot wait to visit Andalucía sometime in the near future so I created a collage with the elements that I find typical for this region like Flamenco and the accessories that go with it, cactus plants, oranges, olives, palm trees, white villages. Maybe this collage is even a bit cliché but looking at it should automatically evoke that you think of Andalucía.

Collage No. 32 by Phylleli // Mood:Andalucía #collage #thecollageseries #designblog #graphicdesigner #freelancer #freelancedesigner #spain #typography #phylleli

I was once in Marbella when I was a little kid but that is very long ago so I already dream about booking a trip soon to Andalucía to see it again through the eyes of an adult!

xx, Phyllis

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