Believe You Deserve it And The Universe Will Serve it - Gabby Bernstein

I just wanted to design something with a super inspirational quote from the motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein. I have not really read much by her yet but I followed her for a while on Instagram and Facebook and think she is a really inspiring, warm-hearted soul with a great spirit. I guess I should start reading a little more of what she said of follow along again since I really love her good vibes towards life. 

I currently have this super affirmation as a screensaver on my phone so it constantly reminds me. So, save that image with the affirmation and make it your screensaver as well to inhale and exhale all the good vibes that Gabby brings to us! 

Believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it - Gabby Bernstein #illustration #design #designblog #motivation #inspiration #gabbybernstein

The Wellness Edition No. 22 // Money Mindset

I just realised that I have not written a 'The Wellness Edition' blog post in a very long time. The last one must have been some time last year in late Summer or so, so it has really been a while. Lately I have been thinking a lot about money and especially my relationship with money, so I decided to write a blog post about it. And it is perfectly inline with 'The Wellness Edition' since our relationship with money says quite a lot about how we feel about ourselves. 

For many years I used to believe that I am not much worth and I always ended up in low paying jobs. So, is here an existing correlation between feeling unworthy, being stuck in low paying jobs and not having money? Let's face it, I think there certainly is one! My education is good, I lived and worked abroad, I am fluent in more languages than just my mother tongue and still I never made it to work in a good job that was paid well. So apparently it also has something to do with me. Did I automatically attract low paying jobs because I subconsciously felt that I was not worth getting paid a good salary (that at least materially speaking) somewhat reflected my worth?! 

In the past few months I was thinking a lot about finances, financial struggles and the fact that I felt poor for such a long time now. But then I realised that whenever I continue to tell myself how poor I am (financially speaking) and that I will never make it to earn a decent amount of money no matter what I do, that I put myself into the position of being a victim. And that my friend is the biggest mistake you can ever make. So I decided to change my mindset about money and to get myself out of feeling stuck - I am still in the very beginning of my money mindset journey, I tell you that, but from now on every day I repeat to myself that I am worth it to earn a decent amount of money instead of telling myself how poor I am and never getting out of being broke. Do you see the difference that is happening now? It is a big mind shift currently taking place. Of course it takes some time but I am sure it is going to work out and that it will improve my financial situation and life in general on the long run. 

I am quite honest here, it feels pretty hard for me to write about money and how screwed up my relationship with money and my mindset about money had been all my life because it totally reflected how unworthy I felt towards myself. Of course it hurts to write these lines telling the whole world how unworthy I felt the majority of my life but I decided to take matters in my own hand, to improve my relationship with money and especially to work on my mindset regarding money. I think that most people who make good amounts of money also feel that they deserve it, that they are worth it, otherwise they would not be in the position of making good money.

The Wellness Edition No. 22 // Money Mindset #design #graphicdesign #moneymindset #thewellnessedition #branding #typography #collage #designblog

Especially women struggle when it comes to money and the right mindset because we tend to underestimate ourselves, we underestimate our skillset and our self worth way too much. We are more than just self-critical, most of the time we are way too harsh on ourselves. I am not surprised that there is such a big salary gap (still, even though it is 2018) between women and men because men are usually so much better when it comes to negotioating salaries, setting prices for their services and so on while women usually underestimate their value and skillset and sell and price themselves too low when it comes to negotiating salaries or pricing services as a freelancer. I know what I am talking about; been there, done that...but now I tell ya that's it. I am not gonna sell myself short anymore and I also won't believe my inner devilish voice anymore that I am not worth earning a good amount of money and being unworthy to be able to live well with a decent amount on money in my bank account. These times are over for good. From now the money mindset is 'I am worth to earn a good amount of money and also I am worth it to be able to save a good amount of money in my savings account at the bank.' 

I am not saying that money equals happiness, not at all, but I agree with the statement that money helps you to live your life with a lot more inner peace and calmness since you don't have to worry 24/7 about how you are going to pay your rent, bills and so on and that my friends is a horrible feeling.  Been there, done that and I am not going to continue this route any longer because now I do everything to improve my relationship with money. Money certainly facilitates life but it won't translate into happiness because that is something that you have to create within your inner self. 

Successful people have a healthy relationship with money, otherwise they would not be successful. They know their worth, they know what to charge without selling themselves short. And that is the direction all of us who are struggling with a bad money mindset should be heading to. I know it is hard, the first steps into it are painful but once we got over that first stage and realise we are worth it and it is in our position to change our feelings about money via changing our mindset, we are heading into the right direction and we will see small successes from now on. 

So I invite you to join this journey with me. Let's repeat the mantra every day that we deserve it to earn well and to live well and that wanting to earn a good amount of money in order to live well is a good thing. 

The Freelance Issue No. 11 // Overnight Success

Do you believe there exists anything like overnight success? Well, for my part, I don't think the so-called overnight success exists, not even close...even though this is what the world of online business owners, digital nomads, online marketers and influencers often want to sell us. Truth is, they worked really hard to get there and it took most of them quite a few years to become successful, but not many of them are so transparent about how long their journey was until they were finally an 'overnight success'. Another quote to throw in might be 'nothing worth having comes easy' - so they pretty much go hand in hand I'd say. But why is it that most people won't share what it really took to become successful? Are they afraid of competition? Maybe that is one reason, I don't know. Or maybe because the whole success story does not sound anymore as glamorous then as it should?

First of all we should stop comparison altogether and should not compare ourselves to someone who started the journey much earlier than we did and therefore apparently also is a lot more successful than we are at our current point. But of course I know how hard it is to not compare yourself with others in your industry, age or whatever lets you step into the comparison trap and freak out about yourself. That is one thing we want to get away from for sure. Just a waste of time. 

The Freelance Issue No. 11 // Overnight Success by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #designblog #lifestyleblog #collage #layout #typography #designer

First of all let's talk about what we define as success. It is different for everyone I'd say. Some people understand success as a career in the corporate world. For others success means having a big family, a nice house and owning a nice car (very German view of success by the way). For some people success means wealth and luxury. Then there are the folks who define success as freedom, not being tied to a job in the corporate world or being tied to paying down the mortgage of a house that was purchased. Success is how you define it which also gives you quite a lot of freedom. But of course that kind of success, whatever that means to you, won't come overnight. Here we are being told a big lie in the world of successful online and offline entrepreneurs, bloggers etc. And it is important to realise that in order not to see yourself as y loser if you can't make it within let's say 6 months to create an 6-figure income (just an example since this apparently is the biggest success according to some bloggers and entrepreneurs). 

If you want to become successful, first of all define what success means to you. I for myself define success as whenever I can make it to work for myself independently because I established myself as an independent graphic designer who can work from any place of the world, as long as I have internet and the tools  that I need for my job as a graphic designer. Not being forced anymore to walk into another company and to work there under their conditions and their rates. As soon as  I don't have to do that anymore, when I am financially stable, have enough client work coming in and have the freedom to only work for myself from all over the world (without constantly worrying about finances), then I'd say I am successful. Not being tied to one place, one company, whatever gives me personal and financial freedom is what I define as success. 

But of course getting there takes a lot of time, commitment, persistence and also times that are financially quite a burden. But I think it is absolutely worth it. The important thing is just to not give up. Today I was just reading a blog post by Jasmine Dowling where she also said that for about two years she pretty much gave up most of her social life, just working and slowly getting to the point where she is now. She's very honest and transparent here, admitting how much time it takes, and that is something I really appreciate when people who have made it to be successful and have reached the point in life, where they planned to be one day, are so honest with us newbies who just started out or are at the point of just taking into consideration to start out. 

So the idea of an overnight success is quite far from reality in my opinion. Some people will buy into it but I certainly won't. I decided to write this blog post because so often I was at the point of just thinking to give up, feeling like a complete loser who will never make it. But then I decided not to give up and just to continue doing what I have been doing ever since I started about a year ago. One day it will pay off for sure and the success that I defined for myself will follow, but certainly not overnight. Keep that in mind when you just get started or you also reached the point of considering to give up. Don't give up, be persistent, visualise your goals and your definition of success and keep on working hard.  

images via Pinterest -- all images used are for inspirational purposes only - graphic design by phylleli

be picky with your clothes, friends and time

"Be picky with your clothes, friends and time"...because, let's face it. These things are important! Especially when it comes to the people you surround yourself with. So,  choose your friends and time wisely because otherwise things will be bad and you are just walking out unhappy. Stay away from toxic people and surround yourself with folks who support you and lift you up. We want happiness and enjoying the best life that has to offer therefore we have to choose wisely. .  

be picky with your clothes, friends and time // phylleli #design #graphicdesign #selflove #selfcare #collage #designblog

be a voice not an echo

"Be a voice, not an echo" is another quote that came back into my mind recently and what should I say? I could not agree less. Think for yourself, free your mind, follow your intuition, work for your goals and set up your own voice - for sure there is someone out there who is really interested in what you have to say. So be brave and be a voice and not an echo!

be a voice and not an echo // phylleli #design #collage #graphicdesign #freelancer #designblog #typography #layout

source of the photo of the woman is according to pinterest;

The Freelance Issue No. 10 // Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

All of us have dreams. Some people dream really big, others dream quite small. I doubt that there are people who have no dreams at all. But dreams keep on staying dreams if you don't approach them and actively think about a strategy how to turn your dreams into reality. Making your dreams become true usually is a lot of hard work and effort. Therefore the majority of folks just continue to dream on because they either haven't figured out yet how to make things happen, or they just lack motivation to work for it or they lack energy. There is nothing bad about it, I know it really takes time to figure out what you want from your life and what not. Some people figure it out faster, others need a little longer. I'd say I'm in the group of the latter, even though I knew quite early what I wanted to do with my life, I just never had the guts to go there and to start working for it. So if that is you as well, don't worry, you will get there as long as you stick to it and then one day decide to finally do all the hard work to make it happen. 

"Dreams don't work unless you do" is a really good quote in my opinion because there is so much truth in it. Let's look at a very easy example to illustrate it, if it is your dream to travel the world, you have to do quite a lot to get there. First you think about the countries you want to visit, how long you want to travel in general and then comes the big question how much this whole trip around the world is gonna cost you. Let's assume you decide to travel to Asia and Australia and spend about 6 months traveling. So now you have to estimate how much the whole trip is going to cost you and what your next steps are. You already have enough money saved? Perfect. If not and your current job doesn't pay you well enough to save for this trip, consider getting a second job for a while. If you have your own apartment, think about what are you going to do with it while you are gone. Leave it for good and then trying to find a new place once you return? Might be an option but probably too much of an hassle, so probably better just to rent it out to someone else for the six months that you will be gone. And once you have saved enough money, done all the research about the countries you want to visit, organised all the visas needed, rented out your place to someone else - now you can finally pack your things and board that flight for your newest traveling adventure. 

TFI No. 10 // Dreams don't work unless you do #graphicdesign #design #illustration #typography #designblog

Ok, so this was just a very simple example to illustrate what I mean. I chose traveling because I have always traveled a lot and know quite well that you have to do all the work before you can eventually start traveling. And I also chose it because I know that for many people it is a big dream just to leave their normal life to go traveling for a while. What I want to say is that it is possible, but you have to be willing to sacrifice maybe comfort and financial freedom for sometime before you can make your dream of traveling the world happen. Same goes for other dreams, usually we have to put lots of work and effort into them, otherwise they stay well just dreams. 

A dream is a thing that is stuck in your brain and heart, one you have all for yourself, people usually have no clue what you dream about unless you tell them and share your dreams with them. But as soon as you actively start approaching your dreams and working for them really hard, your friends and family will start to notice it as well because you are always busy and probably have less time for the people than you had before - well because you are busy working to make your dreams come true. 

Some people talk about their dreams because it motivates them to work for them and to make it happen, others don't talk about them at all because they are scared things will never work out when they talk about it. I used to be the latter one as well here but then I just decided to get started. Now I think that if you even fear talking about your goals and dreams with others, your biggest fear is failure and not achieving the things you are dreaming of, therefore you don't even want to talk about it. These are my two cents here speaking from my experience. Now I openly say what my dreams are and then I actively start working. 

You have any dreams, big or small?! If so, please let me know, I love hearing what is moving your heart and soul. 

The Freelance Issue No. 9 // Focus On Yourself

"Where focus goes, energy flows" right? I think it is one of the most important aspects in my life that I have learned so far, to finally put the focus on myself - of course I don't mean that in a selfish way of living your life but you have to figure out what you want from life, what your core values are, what you expect from yourself, which goals you want to reach and then to focus solely on these aspects. Boy, it took me a long time to learn that but now I can finally say I got there, I now put the focus on myself and work for reaching my goals and for doing everything that brings me happiness. 

Also I think that it helps incredibly much to focus on yourself whenever you are going through difficult times. As an example, you go through a heartbreaking breakup and pretty much all you do is think about your former significant other. Needless to say that it eats up all your energy and that it is not leading anywhere. So instead it is much better to look at what makes you happy and to dive into that then. You can spend all your time thinking about the coulda, shoulda, woulda and cry your little heart out but instead you can also focus on yourself and for example do something like that; declutter your apartment, learn a new skill or improve already existing skills, read an awesome book or even write an awesome book, learn a new language that you always wanted to learn, plan your next trip to an exotic country, invite your friends over and cook them an amazing dinner, start a blog, learn to dance or to sing and so on. You see, possibilities are endless. I just decided to go for the break-up example because it kind of reflects my current situation and we have all been there experiencing deep pain that we can eventually turn into an creative outlet in the end - if we are open for the experiment. 

Another aspect is to stop comparing yourself to other people in your industry, folks you went to school or university with and so on. Only put the focus on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. Actually the idea of putting the focus on yourself works quite in several aspects in life I just realise, so it is a good thing to consider and to making it a life motto. Of course I don't want to promote selfishness or anything like that, that for sure not, and if you follow along for quite a while you probably know that.

The Freelance Issue No. 9 // Focus On Yourself (Phylleli) #design #graphicdesign #collage #thefreelanceissue #goals #selfcare #selflove

I only want to you to think about what you want from life, to figure out what makes you happy (without harming anyone else of course), which core values are important for you and to incorporate all of these aspects into your own life because you are the creator of your own happiness - no one else can do it for you, only you. Once you realise that, life gets a whole lot better in my humble opinion because you finally realise how powerful you actually are, even if you you were not aware of it before. Realising how much power you actually have to create your own happiness is quite amazing. I know what I am talking about, I used to be the chronically depressed person for the majority of my life but I found my way out of that and most days I am a pretty happy camper now. So if I made it, I am sure you can as well, in case you are also struggling - but the first step is to put your energy and focus back on yourself. 


The Freelance Issue No. 8 // Legal Aspects

I just wanted to talk about something a little different today and that is 'legal aspects'. By any means, I am no lawyer so of course don't take anything I write as a legal advice like you would from an attorney.  Since we work in a visual field and tend to share lots of visuals there might quite often occur problems concerning copyrights.

The Freelance Issue No. 8 // Legal Aspects #design #graphicdesign #editorialdesign #thefreelanceissue #designblog #magazinedesign #branding #layout #typography #collage

Today I was reading a thread in a facebook group where somebody asked what the deal with mood boards and copyrights is since in a mood board designers usually share images they neither own the rights of nor have created them by themselves. That is the main reason why I tend not to share mood boards I create because I always fear that I might get punished and fined for it, even if I just create those mentioned mood boards for personal inspiration and client communication only but presumably most copyright owners and their lawyers won't really care about that if the mood board can be found on the net. Well, I shared two or three mood boards online ever since I started freelancing but I won't post mood boards anymore on social media or my blog from now on because I am just too afraid - even though I try to put down the sources of where I found the photos but very often tracing them down while finding them via pinterest is quite impossible. 

Another hot topic might be my collages - same here, the material I work with, that I turn into digital collages, I try quoting the source but again, when impossible tracing down the original source, I just write down 'pinterest' as the source. Even though I think the collages should not be so problematic since whatever I use, I modify everything so much and create my own creation that for most images used it should be hard to tell where they originally came from - in the end they are turned into something completely new and different from what they were before. Also also I am not making any profit from whatever I create here, I do it for my own inspiration and to stay creative. 

But I think copyright and legal issues, when it comes to our creative work, the work we create and that other creatives create, we should have more open discussions about it just to make sure that we stay on a legal track and don't get into any problems just by doing what everyone else does in the industry. 

So, what are your thoughts about this? 

photos via Pinterest -- all images used are for inspirational purposes only / graphic design by phylleli

The Freelance Issue No. 7 // Authenticity

We live in a society where we are constantly told what to do in life, how to behave, how to dress and how to live. Therefore it is often quite hard to be authentic - but being authentic is important, especially if you want to establish yourself as a freelancer, as a creative or as a writer. You have to be yourself, truly yourself, in order to produce your best work - and also to attract the right clients. People will book your services because they want to work with you, only with you, and not with anyone else. It is quite a journey to become the person you truly desire to be and to leave behind what society, your family etc. expect you to be. 

What does being authentic mean? I understand it as being true to yourself. Creating the life you want to live instead of living the life society expects you to live. Is being authentic selfish? I don't think so, as long as your concept of life does not harm anyone else, and creates happiness for you, then all is good. 

Being authentic while working in the corporate world is quite difficult and I'd say it is not possible since you are always taking over roles wherever you are and most of the time these rolls don't represent your authentic self. So going freelance for sure is very liberating because you can take off your mask that you wear working in the corporate world. Of course I am not saying everyone should just quit their job and become self-employed because the majority of people I know is quite happy working in the corporate world and that is fine. But it is not for everyone, for example I never liked it and it had always been my biggest goal to become self-employed at a certain point. 

The Freelance Issue No. 7 // Authenticity by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #thefreelanceissue #blog #designblog #minimalism

Authenticity is important for your own happiness because you will never ever truly be happy when you are living up to the expectations of everyone else instead of your own. Life should be about creating as much happiness as possible so you have to start through claiming the responsibility for your own life and choosing a way of life that works for you. 

What are your thoughts about authenticity and living a truly authentic life?

The Freelance Issue No. 6 // Start before you are ready

I am sure you can relate to never feeling ready to begin something new. We tend to stay in our bubble called 'The Comfort Zone' and most of the time we don't feel ready to start new things. Even if we have a deep desire in our heart to start this special project that has been on our mind for a very long time...but just not yet. Can you relate? I am sure you can...

It is not just about the big things like starting to freelance or finally looking for a better job if the one you are currently working in is just awful - no, it is also about the little things like starting a new hobby or habit where we tend to procrastinate just because we don't feel ready yet. Truth to be told, you will never feel ready unless you finally start and begin your new journey. 

The Freelance Issue No. 6 // Start before you are ready by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #typography #freelancer #thefreelanceissue #editorialdesign #artdirection #designblog #collage

Did I feel ready for my freelance journey whenever I quit my 9 to 5 job? Of course not, I had no idea what I am doing for being honest but I guess that pretty much goes out for the majority of people once entering a new professional territory. And that's okay. While starting out, you learn how to handle things on your new journey. I think it is much worse to never start at all versus starting out and seeing how things go because once you are on this journey you can always change directions in case something is not working out. 

I am not a parent but I doubt parents have a clue what to expect before having their first child. Same here, while being parents they learn about parenting. So why not transfer this to other things in life. Once you are on that ship, you learn and you always have the possibility to change directions. How great is that for being honest?! 

Let's look at another example here; If your goal is to be a writer, call yourself a writer and then start to write as much as possible, start a blog and share your work with people on social media. When meeting new people introduce yourself as a writer to them. And you know what is going to happen? You become a writer through your words and actions! Isn't that great? Try it, you will see, it is going to work out. 

For all the fellow design lovers of you, as you can see the graphic that I created for this blog post is heavily influenced by The Collage Series. Truth is, I loved creating all those collages and decided to incorporate that style into further blog posts. 

Moodboard Monday

I am currently working on a branding project and decided to share the moodboard, that I created for my client, with you since I have not shared a moodboard in a very long time. My goal for this branding project is to keep it as minimal and simple as possible - as you can see on the moodboard. 

As soon as I have finished the project, I will share it with you - but for now take a look at the moodboard. 

Moodboard for a current branding project // by Phylleli #design #graphicesign #moodboard #freelancer #minimalism

photos via Pinterest -- all images used are for inspirational purposes only

image sources; 

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The Freelance Issue No. 5 // How to stay sane

As you can imagine, freelancing is quite a journey. A crazy ride for being honest. Planning is hard, you have to be flexible and you should have the ability to adapt quickly to different circumstances. When I first started, I did not feel ready at all. Truth is, I assume no one ever feels ready to get started. Therefore you have no other choice besides - well, you guessed it, just getting started - as scary as it is.

Probably the beginning is much easier if you have worked in the industry before and you already have contacts. But that's just my guess, I started freelancing completely out of the blue. I never worked in the industry before even though I studied media design. You ask me why? Well, I did not feel ready right after university - on the other hand I also did not see myself working in agencies, I just felt it was not for me. So instead I worked in other different jobs and industries and promised myself to start out as a graphic designer, but as a freelancer. That had been my dream ever since I was in high school. 

Staying sane sometimes feels incredibly hard. In the beginning you are full of self-doubt and don't really know what you are doing anyways it seems. It is a completely new challenge, a challenge that is completely different from every employed job you ever worked in. How to make money? How to pay my bills and health insurance? You cannot imagine how many sleepless nights full of worrying about finances I had spent and quite frankly often still do. But I can tell you, you get sort of used to it. Be prepared that this will haunt you as well once you start your freelancing journey but I guess at a certain point once when us freelancers establish ourselves things eventually get better - but getting there takes some time for sure. It is crucial not give up even though it often is very tempting when you go from one slow month into another slow month and another...from what I have read most people give up after one or two years. For being honest, I understand them.

Bureaucracy is crazy for us freelancers in Germany, the fees you are supposed to pay from day number one once you start are just ridiculously high. And after one or two years of barely making money and just trying to figure out how to pay the bills and health insurance, it is not a surprise that many people just can't deal with it anymore and decide to look for another 9 to 5 job again. I don't want to be one of them but I understand completely how tempting it is. Save enough money before you quit your job. I can't say you how much but save an amount that you feel comfortable with when you leave your job. I saved around 10.000 Euro before I quit - but the money is gone quickly if you don't have an income in the beginning, that was an amount I felt well with before quitting. But you have to decide for yourself. 

So my advice for staying sane is; try not to worry too much about everything. Just work hard, do as much as you can, network with other freelancers and also keep your eyes open for other freelancer jobs or job opportunities in general so you can make sure to earn some money while you work on establishing yourself as a freelancer. I often read about the advice to best still have a part-time job while establishing your freelancer career and this sounds like a good advice, I'd go for that option immediately if I found a decent part-time job but so far I did not have luck here. Not everyone enjoys working alone from home either, so maybe a side job where you have some social interaction with your clients or colleagues might also be good for you. Just figure out a solution that works for you until you got your freelance gig running (which takes a while, believe me). 

The Freelance Issue No. 5 // How to stay sane #freelance #designer #freelancer #thefreelanceissue #design #graphicdesign #collage #typography

Try thinking outside of the box, so you probably come up with different business ideas as well. Ever since I quit my 9 to 5 job I got quite a few other business ideas besides just offering design services, something that would not have happened to me while I was still employed because my mind was just so blocked at that time from a job that made me feel sick and miserable. 

Another advice is to treat yourself well. Make sure you get enough sleep and rest, even if you have lots of work to do, but you have to be good to yourself because otherwise you burn out and that won't help neither you nor your clients. So even while working hard and a lot, sleep enough, rest enough and eat enough. Give your body and soul what they need in order to function well so you can be productive. 

So, are you ready to freelance?


Branding // The Observant German

I have been working on a branding project for a German blogger who just launched her blog recently. The blog is written by a sociologist and in-depth she is exploring the odds of German society. In this brand plan here, I am showing you the logos we worked out, the concept behind it and a little more about the author and her target group. 

You find her blog here;

The Observant German Branding by Phylleli #branding #brandplan #logodesign #graphicdesign #TOG #theobservantgerman

Phylleli gets a new logo

You might have noticed that I there was a small website update with a new logo yesterday, so I decided to wrap it up in a small behind-the-scenes post for you. First of all I took the logo that I designed a few months ago down from my blog because I felt that it no longer reflects me or what I do. I loved it when I designed it but I felt it is time for a typography logo that is timeless and elegant. Let's be honest, when first starting out as a freelance designer you go through lots of experimentation and this process is important to figure out who you are, what you do and with who you want to work with and also how you want to be seen. By now I know that I am an independent multidisciplinary designer - even though with a heavy focus on identity and brand design and I also want to specialise in packaging and editorial design. Who do you serve? Other creative freelancers who need a little help with their visuals so they can focus on their own business. 

Also I decided to include my last name in the new logo. But I also decided to not include my last name in my website name since it is so super long and very hard to spell for most people - instead I went with my nickname that is short, easy to spell and to remember. In the new logo my last name is fine but for the domain name to avoid typos leading you everywhere else but just not on my website, that my friend I wanted to avoid. 

Redesigning my website is still on the agenda but that I do as soon as daily life gets a little calmer and I can really focus on it. I have been crazy busy lately with work as I mentioned before, therefore my long blogging breaks, but I promise, as soon as I have more time and less stress, I will get right back to it. I hope that Spring and Summer give me lots of energy so that I can get more done then. 

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The Freelance Issue No. 4 // Feeling Overwhelmed

Hello lovely you reading this, yes this blog still exists...even though it got very quite around here in the past few weeks. Not because I do not want to blog and design, fact is I have just been very busy taking care of several things, working a lot and just feeling really burnt out not being able to continue like this. Yes, I am feeling overwhelmed...and when that feeling comes up, I have to cut back on everything if I don't want to burn out completely. My to-do-list seems never-ending and as you know I also work as a language teacher to make sure I can pay all my bills and work on my freelancer's life but as much as I like teaching, it takes a lot of time and energy and in the past few weeks I was teaching a lot. So much that no time was left for anything else.

Besides that living in a a full-blown bureaucracy state, I also spend lots of time dealing with...well you guessed it, bureaucracy. And believe me my friend, that is very time consuming - needless to say that it also is a pain in the ass. Where should I start, monthly I have to deal with the tax office, health insurance is another big issue - just setting the course for the future as a freelancer in this country is a job itself because when being a freelancer you face challenges here that you did not even know they exist before, also here we are back at the main problem - health insurance and pension insurance. I will write another blog post just providing information on that sometime in the future. 

But, I realise how much I miss blogging and designing, so I slowly want to get back into as soon as I have a little more energy. I still have to finish two client projects and I have a long list of personal projects that I want to work on as well. And truth is, being creative gives me energy. Lately I tried to relax and recharge my batteries mainly through consuming (reading, looking at designs, photography and illustrations that I admire) but maybe and just maybe that is the wrong approach and instead creating and getting back to designing, writing, sketching and photographing will help me better to recharge my batteries and to get out of my hiatus mode. I will give it a try and we will see, how does that sound to you?

So here I am saying good bye to feeling overwhelmed and a little burnt out. Here it is to getting back into the things I love that nourish my heart and soul. How was that; do more of what makes you happy! And yes, that is what I am trying to do now. Here I said it, so please hold me accountable for it and if I disappear again please don't shy away to sending me a note asking me why I stopped designing and writing because hearing from you might be the best motivation for me to get back to it and to get my shit back together and not to give up even if times are rough and I am still not seeing the results I am aiming for. But as we know, establishing yourself as a freelance designer takes a lot of time and work - people tend to forget that and many content creators/freelancers don't openly talk about it how long it took to establish themselves. I want more honesty and transparency in the freelancer and blogger world because how should newbies know what to expect when people are not providing truthful information. I am finishing this post here for now and hopefully I'll be back soon with more blog posts. xx, Phyllis

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Collage No. 60 // Finissage

So here is collage no. 60 - wow, I can't believe that I finally reached the magical number of having created 60 collages. I really loved this self-initiated project a lot and it certainly helped me to improve my skills and designer's eye...that is for sure. And of course it also improved my creativity and to think outside the box to come up with new ideas, ideas outside of my comfort zone. That my friends is the best challenge that will certainly bring you the best benefits. 

Also I want to finally take down my website for a long needed overhaul. Somehow redesigning your own website/branding etc. always seems a lot harder than doing it for someone else. But now after finishing the collage series I think I am ready to conquer it and to give my website and blog a new facelift. 

I am so busy these days teaching that I unfortunately don't have much time to blog and design. Please don't think I abandoned this lovely space I created but I am taking a short break lately due to the fact that I have to make money and that German politics is not treating us freelancers kind, so surviving in the beginning is very tough and takes a lot of my energy and time - I have to work a lot in order to be able to be self-employed. Let that sink in and wish me luck that I am back soon to blogging and designing. 

Uuhh, Winter and the dark grey season really depress me a lot lately. How do you feel about it? I certainly can't wait for Spring and Summer days to come!

xx, Phyllis

Collage NO. 60 // Finissage #design #graphicdesign #collage #thecollageseris

images found via pinterest, graphic design by phylleli

Collage No. 59

Wow, wow, wow...almost there! Collage No. 59 already, so only one more collage to go. I will miss designing collages but I also feel that it is time to move on to new projects to improve further skills there and also to get back into writing longer blog posts since I have not done that in quite a while. I hope that good things will happen in the future that keep me inspired to continue creating and writing. I know, most of the latest posts have been quite short but you also have to consider that it takes me quite a long time to create a collage and since this was a project series in order to improve my graphic design skills and to train my designer's eye the main focus of course was not on writing long posts but my plan is to get back to that as well since I really enjoy to write. 

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model via vogue spain, flowers via pinterest - graphic design by phylleli

Collage No. 58

Almost reached the magical 60! So here is collage no. 58, two more collages to go for experimenting and then I move on to a new project! Getting so excited about it. Oh, and I will also get back to writing 'The Freelance Issue' and 'The Wellness Edition'...I promise, I know, I totally neglected those two but time to get back into it...

By the way, I am turning 35 today! Unbelievable how time flies! So today will be spend with my family and yummy food...exactly the way I love spending my birthday!

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images found via pinterest, graphic design done by phylleli

Collage No. 57

The Collage Series is slowly coming to an end. I have almost reached my goal of creating 60 collages. I am happy that I started because I really learned a lot while creating collages and I also really enjoyed it. So in a few days I will be done with the collage series and then a logo series will follow. Are you as excited about it as I am? :)

If you wonder, these they are not human, there is a plant called with the shape of lips which I used for this collage. 

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