Collage No. 60 // Finissage

So here is collage no. 60 - wow, I can't believe that I finally reached the magical number of having created 60 collages. I really loved this self-initiated project a lot and it certainly helped me to improve my skills and designer's eye...that is for sure. And of course it also improved my creativity and to think outside the box to come up with new ideas, ideas outside of my comfort zone. That my friends is the best challenge that will certainly bring you the best benefits. 

Also I want to finally take down my website for a long needed overhaul. Somehow redesigning your own website/branding etc. always seems a lot harder than doing it for someone else. But now after finishing the collage series I think I am ready to conquer it and to give my website and blog a new facelift. 

Uuhh, Winter and the dark grey season really depress me a lot lately. How do you feel about it? I certainly can't wait for Spring and Summer days to come!

Collage NO. 60 // Finissage #design #graphicdesign #collage #thecollageseris

images found via pinterest, graphic design by phylleli

Collage No. 59

Wow, wow, wow...almost there! Collage No. 59 already, so only one more collage to go. I will miss designing collages but I also feel that it is time to move on to new projects to improve further skills there and also to get back into writing longer blog posts since I have not done that in quite a while. I hope that good things will happen in the future that keep me inspired to continue creating and writing. I know, most of the latest posts have been quite short but you also have to consider that it takes me quite a long time to create a collage and since this was a project series in order to improve my graphic design skills and to train my designer's eye the main focus of course was not on writing long posts but my plan is to get back to that as well since I really enjoy to write. 

Collage No. 59 #design #graphicdesign #minimalism #editorialdesign #flowers #artdirection #typography

model via vogue spain, flowers via pinterest - graphic design by phylleli

Collage No. 58

Almost reached the magical 60! So here is collage no. 58, two more collages to go for experimenting and then I move on to a new project! Getting so excited about it. Oh, and I will also get back to writing 'The Freelance Issue' and 'The Wellness Edition'...I promise, I know, I totally neglected those two but time to get back into it...

By the way, I am turning 35 today! Unbelievable how time flies! So today will be spend with my family and yummy food...exactly the way I love spending my birthday!

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Collage No. 57

The Collage Series is slowly coming to an end. I have almost reached my goal of creating 60 collages. I am happy that I started because I really learned a lot while creating collages and I also really enjoyed it. So in a few days I will be done with the collage series and then a logo series will follow. Are you as excited about it as I am? :)

If you wonder, these they are not human, there is a plant called with the shape of lips which I used for this collage. 

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Collage No. 55 // In Love With Flowers

Happy new year lovely you reading this! OK, this is not a post dedicated to the new year, of course it is another one showcasing my current collage obsession. But of course I with you all the best for 2018 and that the new year brings you lots of joy and happiness. 

My to-do-list is super long and not getting any shorter and my goal is to be a little more disciplined again from now on and to work more and harder for my goals than I did before. Nothing worth comes easy, right? No, it requires lots of hard work, persistence and practising - but baby steps, one small step after another and slowly you will reach your goals. I like sharing my goals with you because if I share them online it also holds me accountable. 

Main goals are to finish my current projects, to improve my overall skills when it comes to design, photography and illustration and to redesign my own branding and website!

Happy new year! xx, Phyllis

Collage No. 55 #design #graphicdesign #collage #thecollageseries #typography #layout #editorialdesign #typography #designblog #artdirection

Collage No. 54

You might have noticed that I did not post anything Christmas specific and I also won't post anything extra for the beginning of the new year. Why? Because these are days just like any others. I did not get into the Christmas spirit at all this year, frankly it left me quite cold. There is so much on my mind lately and Christmas and New Year's Eve are certainly no priorities. I did not feel at all like designing something christmassy or something for 2018 and I also won't change my mind about it. Instead I decided to continue my collage series because that's what I lately enjoy most. 

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas days but I was not up for it all this year. I don't do religion anyways, what I enjoy about Christmas though are all the lights (since Winter is such a dark and cold season anyways) and I like Christmas trees - but I don't care for all the consumerism that comes with it. Actually I despise it. Getting together with friends and family for Christmas and enjoying a good meal and drinks is wonderful though but we do that all the time anyways, so one reason more why the Christmas days and New Year's Eve don't differ at all from the other days of the year. Well, just my 2 cents here. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas though, in case you celebrate it. 

Here is collage no. 54, I will try to change my style a bit with the next collages, let's see with what I come up with then. 

Collage No. 54 #graphicdesign #design #designblog #collage #thecollageseries #minimalism #artdirection #editorialdesign

images found via pinterest, graphic design by phylleli

Collage No. 53

So I here I used one of the first portraits that I also used for my very first collage that I published in the collage series. Why? Because I wanted to see with what kind of ideas and designs I come up with after having worked on more than 50 collages already. I kept it a lot more minimal, I added a frame, I kept the colours light and soft but I also did my best to add interest and obviously also distraction to that pretty woman's face. I don't just experiment with flowers and botanicals when creating collages. Basically I work with everything that I find gives an interesting vibe to the design. I will continue doing so since I have a few more ideas on my mind and also still a few more collages to go until I reached my goal of having created 60 collages. I am still not sure yet if I will continue designing collages after having created 60 of them or if I come up with a new challenging self-initiated project. Well, we will see, I will keep ya posted of course. 

Collage No. 53 #design #graphicdesign #designblog #collage #thecollageseries #graphicdesign #freelancer #seashells #creativity

Collage No 52 // Fading Reality

So here I was experimenting once again with different techniques in order to create something a little different from the collages I designed before. I decided to call it fading reality since I let the different elements fade into each other, very subtle. Lately I try to work as little elements as possible and to keep the collage series very clean and minimal. You may ask why?! Well, my answer is less is more. I think it is much friendlier on the eye to look at something that is well structured and organised and very clean and minimal. When I first got back into designing, I had the tendency to put many things on the blank page and to use a lot of space - but I really got away from that again because I hate clutter so I want to keep my designs as uncluttered as possible. Of course I did lots of designs with tons of elements to step out of my comfort zone and to experiment and from time to time I will do that again as well, but on the long run it is not the kind of style I like and also not the kind of style I want to use to communicate my clients brand messages. Less is more is my motto and I like the visual results of if very much. 

Collage No. 52 #design #graphicdesign #editorialdesign #artdirection #branding #typography #freelancer #designblog

images via pinterest, graphic design by phylleli

Collage No. 51 // The Pineapple Woman

Ha, so I thought I should get a little crazy here and just experimenting using a pineapple and turning it into a face. Also I wanted to keep the collage as clean and minimal as possible but still make it an eye catcher through changing up the face completely. I like my result I have to say. That is the thing that I love so much about the collage series - there is so much freedom to experiment and to leave my design comfort zone. And challenging yourself always helps to get better, to further develop your style and personality. So I encourage all of you to go for it! 

Not much time for a long blog post today, I apologise, my to-do-list never stops it seems and somehow I am always busy! But it is good that way, much better than just sitting around and being unproductive - that I don't like at all - but sometimes you also need to take a break, rest and recharge your batteries. And that my friend I will do during the Christmas break before I go back into workaholic mode with full force!

Enjoy the Christmas holidays! xx, Phyllis 

Collage No. 51 // The Pineapple Woman #design #graphicdesign #edditorialdesign #artdirection #collage #thecollageseries #magazinestyle #branding #typography #minimalism #creativity

images found via Pinterest, graphic design by Phylleli

Collage No. 50 // 3rd Edition Ballet

So once again I did another ballet inspired collage, since it is the third one I decided to call it 3rd edition. Lately I love experimenting with framing, also I like to keep the collages as minimal as possible these days. I admit this one is quite playful but I want to get back to a very minimal approach again with my next collage. 

Well, I have not made up my mind yet if I continue with the collage series once I created 60 collages. I will see, for now 10 more collages to go and then I have to make up my mind. So far I can say that the learning effect from the collage series to me feels huge, I really feel that I have improved my skills, my feeling for aesthetics and good taste and trained my designer's eye. I guess I also now feel quite safe in the comfort zone of creating collages, so that should be a main reason to move on to a new project series in order to challenge myself, to try something new and to further improve my skills. Anyways, these are just some of my thoughts lately. 

Maybe I start a new challenge to improve my illustration skills because that is another discipline that I really want to become good at some day - and as we all know if you want to do something well, lots of practise usually is involved. So this could possibly be a new project series for me, in the past I really loved to draw and also I was good at it, but then after I got really discouraged in high school I stopped all of a sudden. How stupid of me?! I should not have stopped but once we are older we look at things quite different than we did back in the days. If there is one thing that being older taught me it is to not care so much about what other people think and also not of their judgements - because let's face it, quite often how somebody else judges or treats you, says more about that person than about you! But it took me a long time to finally learn that.

All that I am saying is that you should be kind, even to people who are not kind - they need it most it seems (I don't remember who said that but I think it is true). 

So here is collage no. 50 and I stop writing for now. 

Collage No. 50 #design #graphicdesign #typography #artdirection #editorialdesign #designblog #branding #collage #thecollageseries

images found via pinterest, graphic design by me

Collage No. 49

I cannot stop repeating how happy my collage series makes me. Why? Because I really improved my designer's eye incredibly through this little self-initiated project and the more I create the happier I get with my results. Cool beans, huh?! 

If you have any project on your mind for self-initiated projects, go for it ASAP because it will help you a whole lot to improve your skills. And your results will be good and constantly get better since you are working on something that you are really interested in. I have to confess, ever since I started my self-taught freelance journey, I feel that I have learned so much more than I had ever learned in university when I was studying media design for many years. You ask why? Because back in the days when I was studying film and design, I was forced to do a whole lot of projects - and I openly confess that many projects were not my thing at all, I obviously was not interested, did not favour doing them and I also did not see much sense in many projects, needless to say that the learning outcome for me was not good then either. Except for the projects that really interested me probably but they were not the majority. So back to what I mentioned before, ever since I give myself projects and tasks and before I start I think of the learning effect and learning benefit I will get from these projects, with that approach I learn so much better and more than ever before. And I firmly believe, what you do with passion you do well - even when it takes sometime to master your skills but with practise you will slowly get there!

So hooray for self-initiated projects!

Collage No. 49 // by Phylleli #design #graphicdesing #layout #collage #thecollageseries #editorialdesign #artdirection #freelancer #typography #branding

Collage No. 48 // Florida Dreaming

So I came up with a Florida inspired Collage today. When I was a child, I spent quite a lot of time in Florida and therefore I think of the sunshine state quite often. I have not been back there in 10 years now and right now I feel that it is not the right time to travel to the US anyways but one day I will come back for sure...

Anyways, somehow flamingos make me think of Florida immediately, maybe it has something to do with the tv series 'Miami Vice'. Who knows?! 

So here is my Florida inspired collage! Enjoy. xx

Collage No. 48 // Florida Dreaming #collage #thecollageseries #vintage #florida #design #designer #editorialdesign #branding #identitydesign #designblog #artdirection #freelancer #graphicdesign #graphicdesignerin #digitalnomad

Collage No. 47

Here is collage no. 47, I really like the single line drawings lately a lot and just arranging a few things and using strong typographic elements. That lately is the kind of graphic design I really find fascinating. 

Also I am currently working on the branding and website design for a German engineer, I share my work with you soon here but right now it's still in a quite early stage. So far I created the mood board to show where the project is heading to visually and next will follow the logo concept and the website design in Squarespace. I will keep ya updated soon but for now I show you collage no. 47 like I said before. 

Collage No. 47 by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #designer #designblog #collage #thecollageseries #typography #linedrawing #creativity

images found on pinterest, graphic design done by me

Collage No. 46 // The Hippie Days

So today it was time again to work with flowers and typography. I seriously have to admit that I got quite addicted to 'The Collage Series' because every time it is such a challenge to create something new out of material that already exists. I have loved creating collages ever since I was a little kid, somehow playing around with different materials and combining them into a new visual had always fascinated me...and as we see, it still does. Of course when I was younger, I made collages with paper, scissors and a glue stick. I would cut out photos from magazines and make a collage out of whatever I found and liked. And through the collage series I just realised that I still absolutely love doing that - even though I do it digitally these days but I also plan to go back to creating collages the way I did it when I was younger. It should be fun and super relaxing, and I can also play around with ink and pens then, draw on the collage and all that jazz. So, another project to come soon ;) 

I work in Adobe CC Photoshop and Illustrator when creating the collages. But, I don't think that anyone who just knows how to work with a graphic design program is a designer. What comes first is your concept, your idea and the graphic programs are the tools that help you to get your projects done. Of course when working in the creative industry you should know the software and be able to work with it but it is not the key element of your work and your projects - that key thing my friends is your creativity, your aesthetics and your good taste - these things help you to create beautiful visuals. I think it is important to mention that from time to time because sometimes people think coming up with something pretty in Photoshop and Illustrator is what a designer does and that we charge too much for something that you could also do at home super quickly if you only knew how to work with a graphic program. That thought is wrong because it takes us years to get good at our craft and also to become confident in what we do and to constantly improve our skills. Working in the design industry requires you to be willing to constantly learn because design evolves, software changes and of course it is also important to pay attention to current design trends and to sort out for yourself and for your clients which trends might work for a brand and which ones do not in case you want to jump on board when it comes to trends or you decide not to dive into them and instead to stick to something classical that never goes out of style. 

Ok, so I shared a few thoughts about design and design thinking since I promised that longer blog articles will follow again sometime soon. At least I made a beginning here and I hope that I get the chance again soon to write more longer posts in the near future again. 

Collage No. 46 // The Hippie Days #design #graphicdesign #collage #thecollageseries #editorialdesign #artdirection #layout #poster #flowers #modernhippie

images found on Pinterest, graphic design by me

Collage No. 45 // Lana

I am not sure if I mentioned it before but I am a big fan of Lana del Rey's music ever since I first discovered her through her probably most famous song 'video games'. This was in 2011 as far as I remember. It was not really the best year for me I have to say and I remember quite well that I was living in Cork, Ireland for a while and listened to Lana's first album all the time - nonstop! So I thought it was just fair to create a collage with Lana del Rey, so here is Collage No. 45, I find it quite pop art inspired, what do you think? 

Collage No. 45 // Lana del Rey #collage #popart #design #graphicdesign #lanadelrey #typography #designblog #graphicdesigner #collage #thecollageseries #editorialdesign #artdirection

images via pinterest, graphic design and typography by me

Collage No. 44 // Pineapples and Flamingos

Collage No. 44 already! Wow, I am getting much closer to my goal of 60 collages by now. I have to admit that I really learned a lot already through my collage series and I am super glad I started this self-initiated project because I really think my design skills and my designer's eye improved tremendously through creating so many collages. It is so useful to realise that I become more self-confident through it and that people like my work and share it on Pinterest.

Ever since I started this blog to stay creative and inspired I learned so much already, I feel that I learned more about design and being creative than I ever did back in university when I studied media design. I should have started so much earlier with blogging, designing for my blog and finding freelance work than I did - but apparently I was not ready for it before. We all know that certain things take their time until you are ready and putting myself out there, showing my work online, finding freelance clients...I was not ready for it until 2017 but I am so happy that I finally made that big move to join the design blogger world this year. Better late than never, right?

Collage No. 44 by Phylleli #design #designblog #graphicdesign #editorialdesign #artdirection #collage #thecollageseries #typography #blog #phylleli

images found on pinterest, graphic design done by me

Collage No. 43 // Let's get some Christmas colors in...

Wow, so December is here - which means Christmas and New Year's Eve are just around the corner. I did not yet feel like creating Christmas designs but at least I wanted to add some red and green to this collage to create a little bit of Christmas spirit at least. I think we can all agree that 2017 was not really a good year and that we can thankfully say good bye to it soon and welcome 2018 and hope for better things to come along the way.

How do you feel about 2017? I think it is not just me thinking it was a bit bizarre!

all images found on Pinterest, design by me

Collage No. 43 #design #graphicdesign #collage #thecollageseries #christmascolors #typography #editorialdesign #artdirection #layout #freelancer

Collage No. 42

So here is Collage No. 42 - no special topic or mood involved, just experimenting with different styles, colors and typography. I promise, I will also come back to long-text-posts again (aka 'The Wellness Edition' and 'The Freelance Issue') but currently I just try to experiment design-wise as much as possible to see what works for me and what does not,  to improve my skills and to train my designer's eye! I spent my evening designing this collage and it made me so incredibly happy. Seriously, I live and breathe design and photography and whenever I can work on these I am the happiest person ever. What makes you happy? What is your passion? If you don't have a passion yet go and find one ASAP because it makes life so much better!

Enjoy your day lovely you reading this! 

Collage No. 42 by Phylleli #design #designblog #graphicdesign #collage #thecollageseries #freelancer #typography #editorialdesign #branding

images found via pinterest

Collage No. 41

So here is collage no. 41. I lately have this thing for lines and the Audrey font it seems...I think it gives a very nice touch to a collage. I will continue experimenting with a minimal approach, just a few element, lots of whitespace and typography. Because that is what the collage series is for, to experiment, to improve my skills and to hone my aesthetics and style. So far so good. I enjoy creating them and I will see into which direction it goes. 

Collage No. 41 by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #collage #thecolloageseries #editorialdesign #bookcoverdesign #branding #freelancer #designblog