Collage No. 29 // Mood; Oktoberfest Germany 2017

Today is the 3rd of October which marks the day of the German unity which in German is called 'Tag der Deutschen Einheit' so I felt inspired to do a very Bavarian inspired collage today. It is not my normal style, it is quite a Kitsch design I have to admit, but I had so much fun creating it. Truth is, Bavarians do not even really consider themselves German, they consider themselves Bavarians.

Another truth is, I have never been to the Oktoberfest either. I also don't plan on ever going there, I can't stand beer and festivities like this one (too crowded for this introvert here) anyways - but I had so many images on my mind concerning the Oktoberfest and Bavaria, so many corny images, so I felt like doing a very kitsch inspired collage with a woman wearing a traditional Dirndl (yes, these old-fashioned dresses are called Dirndl and all the girls and women heading to the Oktoberfest get one to wear it there, Dirndls are expensive though, I guess it is just the October fashion statement for Bavarians and women vacationing in Bavaria while attending the Oktoberfest.), of course I also had to include the mandatory gingerbread heart and deers. Deers could not be missing on an Oktoberfest collage, right? 

Collage No. 29 // Mood; Oktoberfest 2017 by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #layout #poster #kitsch #bayern #dirndl #bavaria #deer #gingerbread #hearts #design #graphicdesign #artdirection #corny #thecollageseries

Sometimes it is quite fun to create something that is quite the opposite of your usual style, which in my case is very clean and minimal, so just creating something super corny or super romantic once in a while forces me to leave my designer-comfort-zone which is a good thing! I just repeat myself, dare to experiment! I also really had fun drawing the hearts <3 drawing hearts always makes me happy which reminds me of the fact that I should really incorporate daily drawing into my routine. 

Have you ever been to the Oktoberfest? How did you like it? 

xx, Phyllis

Collage No. 29 // Mood; Oktoberfest 2017 by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #layout #poster #kitsch #bayern #dirndl #bavaria #deer #gingerbread #hearts #design #graphicdesign #artdirection #corny #thecollageseries

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