Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" Movie Poster

So today for a change, I decided to design a movie poster for the famous thriller 'The Birds' by Alfred Hitchcock. I have not even watched this movie. Fun fact; even though I studied media design and a big part of it was film making, I never ever watch movies anymore. Well, it almost never happens. I don't even own a TV. It is not even that I would not enjoy watching a movie but I guess there are just a thousand things I prefer doing instead...

So here is my Hitchcock poster!

Film Poster by Phylleli / Hitchcock 'The Birds' #design #graphicdesign #thebirds #alfredhitchcock #typography #patterns #symmetry #layout #poster #designblog

photo of the woman found on pinterest - original source is no longer available on tumblr, original source of the bird photo