Pink Botanicals // No. 13

Pink Botanicals No. 13 // Cotton Love is up on the blog today. Wow, I am proud of myself - I made it to blog every day in September, from Monday until Sunday and that was my ultimate goal for the month of September. So I was working on something design-related every day in order to be able to share my design work with you. I am very proud of myself here for having blogged every day this month. 

I might not be able to keep it up to blog every day in October but I will still try to blog at least 3 - 5 times a week. I am also going on vacation for one week in October and I won't take my laptop with me. I really want to take a break from everything for just one week then.

Pink Botanicals // No. 13 #design #graphicdesign #botanicals #editorialdesign #artdirection #cotton #designblog #freelancedesigner #typography #gooddesignmakesmehappy #minimalism

I work so much and recharging my batteries with lots of sunshine, beach and swimming, family time and lots of good food is needed for sure. This year has been very stressful for me with lots of worrying. I am at a better place for now but still there is so much constantly on my mind that I worry about, you might have figured, mainly financial worries once again. I really hope this will get better at a certain point once again because it sucks the energy out of me...who else has ever been in this situation can relate, for sure. 

Oh, I went for a cotton stem today because I really love them - especially in the cold season. They are so pretty to look at and for me they have something very calming and soothing. Well, I just love and adore cotton stems...probably because they are so pretty and fluffy. 

So I hope we all have a good start of October which is tomorrow!

xx, Phyllis

Pink Botanicals // No. 13 #design #graphicdesign #botanicals #editorialdesign #artdirection #cotton #designblog #freelancedesigner #typography #gooddesignmakesmehappy #minimalism