Collage No. 51 // The Pineapple Woman

Ha, so I thought I should get a little crazy here and just experimenting using a pineapple and turning it into a face. Also I wanted to keep the collage as clean and minimal as possible but still make it an eye catcher through changing up the face completely. I like my result I have to say. That is the thing that I love so much about the collage series - there is so much freedom to experiment and to leave my design comfort zone. And challenging yourself always helps to get better, to further develop your style and personality. So I encourage all of you to go for it! 

Not much time for a long blog post today, I apologise, my to-do-list never stops it seems and somehow I am always busy! But it is good that way, much better than just sitting around and being unproductive - that I don't like at all - but sometimes you also need to take a break, rest and recharge your batteries. And that my friend I will do during the Christmas break before I go back into workaholic mode with full force!

Enjoy the Christmas holidays! xx, Phyllis 

Collage No. 51 // The Pineapple Woman #design #graphicdesign #edditorialdesign #artdirection #collage #thecollageseries #magazinestyle #branding #typography #minimalism #creativity

images found via Pinterest, graphic design by Phylleli