Collage No. 15 // Amy Winehouse

I am a big fan of Amy Winehouse ever I first discovered her music in 2006. I think first time I listened to her music was on AFN (American Forces Network), a US military radio station that I used to listen to until they discontinued their services sometime this year. Thinking back that there is no AFN anymore for us here in Darmstadt, Germany still makes me sad. Well, in my hometown Darmstadt we had lots of US military stationed until they closed all the bases here in 2008, and therefore we also had an US military radio station here and I loved listening to AFN since they had a great musical selection and I never got bored of the music they played. It was a fine combination of rock, alternative, some latin music and country as well on the weekends. And because of AFN I first discovered Amy Winehouse and fell in love with her music immediately. I still think that she was one of the best musicians ever. She was so talented and when I heard that she died in 2011 it made me incredibly sad - she was born the same year like me, in 1983 and she was only 27 years old when she died. 

I remember that I even bought my first Amy Winehouse CD at a small shop on the military base in Darmstadt because at that time I was having an American boyfriend who was stationed in Darmstadt. Yeah and that was in 2006, it is incredible how time flies. Well, this relationship ended whenever he moved back to Texas and I did not want to move with him there. Long-distance-relationships don't really work from my experience either so it ended at a certain point and now in retroperspective it is good that it ended because he had tons of issues - I met him right after he returned from his deployment in Iraq and being with a man who suffers from PTSD and alcoholism is no fun at all. But I still remember the days driving through Texas with him, listening to Amy Winehouse - now I think it is good that these are just memories and not the present. 

I gave this collage quite a colourful vintage look because I think it is a style that represents Amy Winehouse extremely well. I know it is different than the style that I normally do but I think it is quite her style and therefore I went with it. 

Amy Winehouse, you are deeply missed. Do you like Amy Winehouse as well? Are you a fellow music addict like I am? If so, what are you currently listening to? I am always happy to discover new music. xx, Phyllis 

Collage No. 15 // Amy Winehouse by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #amywinehouse #designblog #freelancedesigner #vintagedesign #flowerdesign #editorialdesign #designblog
Collage No. 15 // Amy Winehouse by Phylleli #design #graphicdesign #amywinehouse #designblog #freelancedesigner #vintagedesign #flowerdesign #editorialdesign #designblog

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