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The Wellness Edition No.48 // Getting out of victim mode

It makes a huge difference how we see ourselves. 2017 and 2018 certainly were years that made me realise where my thinking process goes wrong. In 2017 I became self-employed, I had a negative income of -1500 Euros, so it is safe to say that I had no income at all, but still I payed about 3000 Euros for mandatory health insurance. Then when trying to convince the public health insurance companies to pay me something back due to the loss I made and to the fact that I payed tons of money for not having had any income, I was told that this is not possible due to laws.

Ok what did i do then? Of course I saw myself being the victim of ridiculous politics that are needless to say extremely unfair to people who try to establish themselves and to build a business from the ground without big funds or any sponsorship. This happened, I am not happy about it at all but from now on something like that won’t happen again and I won’t see myself anymore as a victim of a very unfair political system. I still might consult an attorney but that is one step of taking action at least, one step of not being a victim anymore - no instead it means to stand up against the system and to fight for your rights. That ain’t victim mode, right?! I certainly never ever want to see myself as a victim again, it is something that leaves you feeling drained and miserable about yourself.

Because seeing yourself as a victim takes away your power and it literally kills your energy. And that my friend is not what we want, right. I won’t give any power anymore to situations I can’t change. I decided to walk away from anything that steals my energy and makes me feel miserable, let it be people, relationships, jobs, friends. Instead I choose to surround myself with anything that can empower me and support me and the way I choose and the causes I believe it. I think it is is one of the best decisions one can take, to get out of victim mode, to take matters into your own hands and to work your ass off to get out of bad situations and to create the kind of life you want to have.

Of course doing this takes lots of courage, overcoming fears blocks and inner resistance, chances are high that you invest more money in the beginning in self-development than what you earn but there will come a point where it turns around, the path becomes clear and you get everything back you invested and even more. But it takes time, courage, hard work and losing some people along the way, those who can’t follow or don’t want to follow or who simply cannot accept the new empowered version of yourself, the one who took the big step and left the old fearful person living in victim mode behind. And that’s ok. You will find a new tribe then, an empowering one and not the party pooper trying to hold you back in their comfort zone that is driven by fear of change and not leaving the bubble.

There is one thing I am declaring to this world today and that is that I am willing to take all the inner struggles, that I no longer accept being a victim being stuck in unfair conditions, I will be doing all the inner work that I have to tackle in order to finally create the kind of business that I want to have. It takes time to figure things out and that is cool as long as you stay on track and don’t give up.

Taking action, defining what you want from life and what not and not being a victim anymore, I think it is pretty much the most important and most courageous step you can take in order not to be stuck in that awful job anymore, to not live with your parents anymore as a grown up just because you have not figured out yet how to get the dollar rolling, not being screwed up anymore by an unfair political system you live in and so on…get clear about what you want, who you want to be and start taking action. And that is exactly what I am dong from now on, more than ever before. Take my words and give yourself some self-love and self-respect and to the same thing for yourself - but only when you are ready to start working on yourself, to overcome the BS-excuses and to tackle that inner monster holding you back.

I never thought that becoming an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey, nobody tells you this before, it is something you only learn and realise when choosing this path. I feel now that taking the entrepreneur route is like therapy, it is taking me to dark places of my soul that I was not even aware of how troubled certain issues and perceptions I have about myself still are. I never expected this when I left my 9 - 5 job in 2017. I have done more self-development work lately than I did in 10 years of therapy I feel. It is something that I did not expect but it a great benefit of taking this unknown road. And this is just the beginning, I am diving in more and more and I will of course keep you updated about this adventurous journey.

The Wellness edition NO.48 // Getting out of victim mode

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