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The Wellness Edition No.47 // Allow Yourself to Flourish

So now I have already spent over a week sick in bed with a cold which gave me lots of time to think, to reflect, to listen to different podcasts and meditations and I realised that most of the time it is ourselves holding us back from the things we really want and desire. There are so many inner blocks and there is so much resistance holding most of us back from living the life we truly desire. We are shaped by a society that puts all those blocks upon us so we think we are not entitled to live an extraordinary life and instead just go for the less exclusive version we are told to live. But this my friend will change from now on. I allow myself to flourish, I allow myself to earn the shitload of money that i desire in order to live a life with lots of freedom. Why should we work 60 hours or more per week in the corporate world in order to make good money while the same thing can be achieved with working less hours but then being a lot more focused and goal-oriented?!

I choose to not work with any cheap clients anymore who don’t respect and value my work and myself. I had done this all the time and those times are over now. I will only work with high-vibrating clients who see the value of me, my work and my expertise and who are willing to pay an appropriate price for it. They exist and they are the kind of folks I want to surround myself with because we are surfing on the same wave.

Allow yourself to become the person you always wanted to be. Allow yourself to reserve time for the things that do you well and that make you happy. Allow yourself to make tons of money if this is what you desire. From this moment on I do, I don’t deny it for myself anymore like I did in the past. I am willing to receive, I serve and I deserve. It is that easy and now I finally feel it as well and once you are able to feel the feelings the energies start moving into your direction. How cool is that?

Being rich is the best way to make this world a better place because with sufficient funds causes we truly believe in can be supported and people can be helped. There are so many dark souls out with money who do this world no favour at all so we we have to be the counterpart that uses big sums to really help humanity, to save Mother Earth and to spread much needed love and light. Allowing yourself to flourish not only helps you but also your loved ones and the world in general as long as the money is used for good things.

Allow yourself to flourish, start small with a hobby and then expand it to all areas in your life and believe me the effect that it has on you, the people surrounding you will have a huge impact. If each person just tried to better himself and to bring something good to his or her near surroundings it would all add up and have a huge awesome effect on the whole world in my opinion.

Be good to yourself, pick up that hobby that you loved and let go of a long time ago, travel to that place you always wanted to see etc. Figure out what helps you to flourish and go for it. Find your ideal tribe and spend time with those like-minded folks. Do what makes you happy and allow yourself to flourish. You are worth it. You deserve it. Don’t let anyone holding you back and especially don’t let yourself hold yourself back because usually it is ourselves holding us back the most. So conquer your inner resistance and blocks and allow yourself to flourish.

Much love,


The Wellness Edition No.47 // Allow yourself to flourish

el mar

el mar

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