Collage No. 55 // In Love With Flowers

Happy new year lovely you reading this! OK, this is not a post dedicated to the new year, of course it is another one showcasing my current collage obsession. But of course I with you all the best for 2018 and that the new year brings you lots of joy and happiness. 

My to-do-list is super long and not getting any shorter and my goal is to be a little more disciplined again from now on and to work more and harder for my goals than I did before. Nothing worth comes easy, right? No, it requires lots of hard work, persistence and practising - but baby steps, one small step after another and slowly you will reach your goals. I like sharing my goals with you because if I share them online it also holds me accountable. 

Main goals are to finish my current projects, to improve my overall skills when it comes to design, photography and illustration and to redesign my own branding and website!

Happy new year! xx, Phyllis

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images via pinterest -- all images used are for inspirational purposes only