Collage No. 54

You might have noticed that I did not post anything Christmas specific and I also won't post anything extra for the beginning of the new year. Why? Because these are days just like any others. I did not get into the Christmas spirit at all this year, frankly it left me quite cold. There is so much on my mind lately and Christmas and New Year's Eve are certainly no priorities. I did not feel at all like designing something christmassy or something for 2018 and I also won't change my mind about it. Instead I decided to continue my collage series because that's what I lately enjoy most. 

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas days but I was not up for it all this year. I don't do religion anyways, what I enjoy about Christmas though are all the lights (since Winter is such a dark and cold season anyways) and I like Christmas trees - but I don't care for all the consumerism that comes with it. Actually I despise it. Getting together with friends and family for Christmas and enjoying a good meal and drinks is wonderful though but we do that all the time anyways, so one reason more why the Christmas days and New Year's Eve don't differ at all from the other days of the year. Well, just my 2 cents here. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas though, in case you celebrate it. 

Here is collage no. 54, I will try to change my style a bit with the next collages, let's see with what I come up with then. 

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images found via pinterest, graphic design by phylleli