Collage No. 53

So I here I used one of the first portraits that I also used for my very first collage that I published in the collage series. Why? Because I wanted to see with what kind of ideas and designs I come up with after having worked on more than 50 collages already. I kept it a lot more minimal, I added a frame, I kept the colours light and soft but I also did my best to add interest and obviously also distraction to that pretty woman's face. I don't just experiment with flowers and botanicals when creating collages. Basically I work with everything that I find gives an interesting vibe to the design. I will continue doing so since I have a few more ideas on my mind and also still a few more collages to go until I reached my goal of having created 60 collages. I am still not sure yet if I will continue designing collages after having created 60 of them or if I come up with a new challenging self-initiated project. Well, we will see, I will keep ya posted of course. 

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