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Hvar Town, Croatia

Today was another gorgeous day. We drove to Hvar and explored this beautiful Mediterranean old town. We had so much luck with the weather. When we left our vacation house it was cloudy and not very warm but once we arrived in Hvar we had a clear blue sky and lots of sunshine.  

We walked around and decided to have lunch right at the promenade where all the fancy boats and yachts stop by. Oh well, spending time there was quite an experience. We saw one yacht arriving that was very fancy shmancy with a bunch of people and staff serving them all the time. So we googled that yacht and found out that you can charter that yacht for € 99.000 per week. Oh wow! Interesting! So you see Hvar is the place to be...

Our lunch was delicious. We had this awesome view of the harbor and of course of the Brazil charter yacht that you can rent for this super good price to spend an awesome week in the Mediterranean.

Well even without chartering a yacht for 100k I’m still having a perfect vacation, I bought fancy shmancy diva sun glasses and bought a super mundane summer hat so my new accessories now make me look like a rich Ukrainian rooted woman from whatever part of the world I might be living the fancy jet set life just flying around the world and staying for a while wherever I feel happiest at that time. Oh well, I think I can live with that kinda lifestyle. Flying first class, staying in first class hotels and resorts. Hey, I can get used to this lifestyle for sure. 

OK back to our lunch. Of course it was heavy on Mediterranean food because that’s what we love. I ate delicious grilled shrimps and vegetables, my parents ordered fried calamari with homemade fries and shrimp risotto. OMG, all of it was super delicious and eating with this awesome view while enjoying the sea breeze was simply amazing. Here you have a very happy camper today. My heart is in the Mediterranean it seems. Our Julius Meinl cappuccino after lunch was delicious as well, yes I remember liking this in Budapest and Vienna as well. 

So here I share my Hvar impressions with you. All photos were taken with my iPhone and edited manually in the VSCO app.  

Internet is super slow and not uploading my photos...but I’ll publish now anyways and just add the photos once the connection is better. 

The Hvar Island Life

The Hvar Island Life

Hvar Croatia Photos

Hvar Croatia Photos