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Hvar Croatia

Last night I came back from my beautiful vacation in Hvar Croatia. It really was incredible as you can probably imagine if you have seen the photos I posted here on the blog and on Instagram. As I said before I realised once again how happy I always feel once I am somewhere Mediterranean. Truth is the first time in my life that I left depression and not being able to eat behind was when I lived in Barcelona, well the Mediterranean certainly have healing effects on my body and soul. And that is also why I consider moving back sometime in the near future. Apart from the fact that I find the political situation in Germany extremely bad lately. I know understand why this country was a place to run from many times of history and I feel it is heading into this direction again. Anyways, no ranting about things I dislike on on this blog, my little online space is all about seeing the best and making the best out of every situation.

So I’d be more than happy to run my online-shop from somewhere in the Mediterranean. Possibly Spain again. Apart from graphic design and illustration prints, handmade jewelry I can totally imagine to sell Mediterranean items for the home and organic skincare. The sky is the limit, that is for sure. There will be a bunch of possibilities if you crate them or if you let them happen instead of saying something is not possible or out of reach. I often wished I had discovered this philosophy before and then many things in my life probably would have worked out easier and better but it was just not the case. Well better now than never, right. We can’t change the past but we can change the present and realising that makes a major difference in how we perceive things and can react or actively create situations that make us feel happy and good about ourselves.

Fact is that my little Mediterranean island escape opened my eyes to new possibilities and how life could also look like, exactly the way I have been dreaming my life to be for such a long time already. So now I have to be brave and take steps to get there and to create this dream life of mine.

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The Hvar Island Life

The Hvar Island Life