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The Hvar Island Life

My vacation is slowly coming to an end. Truth is the time went by so much quicker than I expected. Until I got here I didn’t even realize how overworked and how ready I was for a vacation. We tend to underestimate the stress levels when we are staying where we are. Small escapes to other places are necessary in order to get some distance, to relax and to recharge your batteries. 

Being here I came to realize again how much the Mediterranean feels like home to me. Same goes for the Florida Keys but I don’t really fancy going to the US anymore, even though I had spent lots of time in the US for a big part of my life. 

In the Mediterranean I feel a lot of happiness, joy and easiness. Those are feelings that I don’t really encounter in Germany to the same extent as I do here. Apart from the emotional side, for my physical health the Mediterranean really does the trick as well. Sunshine, the ocean breeze, high quality fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables really do me well.  

I now really consider to move somewhere Mediterranean again once I have saved some money, run a successful online shop that I can basically manage from all over the world, then I can move somewhere Mediterranean again. I’m sure this will bring me lots of joy and happiness. 

Here I am sharing some more photos with you from Hvar before it’s time to go home again tomorrow. Also while being here I rediscovered how much I love photography. I’d love to sell my own photography art prints in my shop as well. Traveling is so inspiring and it always gives me tons of creative impulses. I can’t wait to travel on a frequent basis again, so here I’m paving my way to get there... 



where I went swimming 


palm tree shadows at the stari grad ferry terminal 


view from the ferry from stari grad to Split 


Split Riva Promenade  

Hvar Croatia

Hvar Croatia

Hvar Town, Croatia

Hvar Town, Croatia