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The Wellness Edition No. 22 // Money Mindset

I just realised that I have not written a 'The Wellness Edition' blog post in a very long time. The last one must have been some time last year in late Summer or so, so it has really been a while. Lately I have been thinking a lot about money and especially my relationship with money, so I decided to write a blog post about it. And it is perfectly inline with 'The Wellness Edition' since our relationship with money says quite a lot about how we feel about ourselves. 

For many years I used to believe that I am not much worth and I always ended up in low paying jobs. So, is here an existing correlation between feeling unworthy, being stuck in low paying jobs and not having money? Let's face it, I think there certainly is one! My education is good, I lived and worked abroad, I am fluent in more languages than just my mother tongue and still I never made it to work in a good job that was paid well. So apparently it also has something to do with me. Did I automatically attract low paying jobs because I subconsciously felt that I was not worth getting paid a good salary (that at least materially speaking) somewhat reflected my worth?! 

In the past few months I was thinking a lot about finances, financial struggles and the fact that I felt poor for such a long time now. But then I realised that whenever I continue to tell myself how poor I am (financially speaking) and that I will never make it to earn a decent amount of money no matter what I do, that I put myself into the position of being a victim. And that my friend is the biggest mistake you can ever make. So I decided to change my mindset about money and to get myself out of feeling stuck - I am still in the very beginning of my money mindset journey, I tell you that, but from now on every day I repeat to myself that I am worth it to earn a decent amount of money instead of telling myself how poor I am and never getting out of being broke. Do you see the difference that is happening now? It is a big mind shift currently taking place. Of course it takes some time but I am sure it is going to work out and that it will improve my financial situation and life in general on the long run. 

I am quite honest here, it feels pretty hard for me to write about money and how screwed up my relationship with money and my mindset about money had been all my life because it totally reflected how unworthy I felt towards myself. Of course it hurts to write these lines telling the whole world how unworthy I felt the majority of my life but I decided to take matters in my own hand, to improve my relationship with money and especially to work on my mindset regarding money. I think that most people who make good amounts of money also feel that they deserve it, that they are worth it, otherwise they would not be in the position of making good money.

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Especially women struggle when it comes to money and the right mindset because we tend to underestimate ourselves, we underestimate our skillset and our self worth way too much. We are more than just self-critical, most of the time we are way too harsh on ourselves. I am not surprised that there is such a big salary gap (still, even though it is 2018) between women and men because men are usually so much better when it comes to negotioating salaries, setting prices for their services and so on while women usually underestimate their value and skillset and sell and price themselves too low when it comes to negotiating salaries or pricing services as a freelancer. I know what I am talking about; been there, done that...but now I tell ya that's it. I am not gonna sell myself short anymore and I also won't believe my inner devilish voice anymore that I am not worth earning a good amount of money and being unworthy to be able to live well with a decent amount on money in my bank account. These times are over for good. From now the money mindset is 'I am worth to earn a good amount of money and also I am worth it to be able to save a good amount of money in my savings account at the bank.' 

I am not saying that money equals happiness, not at all, but I agree with the statement that money helps you to live your life with a lot more inner peace and calmness since you don't have to worry 24/7 about how you are going to pay your rent, bills and so on and that my friends is a horrible feeling.  Been there, done that and I am not going to continue this route any longer because now I do everything to improve my relationship with money. Money certainly facilitates life but it won't translate into happiness because that is something that you have to create within your inner self. 

Successful people have a healthy relationship with money, otherwise they would not be successful. They know their worth, they know what to charge without selling themselves short. And that is the direction all of us who are struggling with a bad money mindset should be heading to. I know it is hard, the first steps into it are painful but once we got over that first stage and realise we are worth it and it is in our position to change our feelings about money via changing our mindset, we are heading into the right direction and we will see small successes from now on. 

So I invite you to join this journey with me. Let's repeat the mantra every day that we deserve it to earn well and to live well and that wanting to earn a good amount of money in order to live well is a good thing. 

Believe You Deserve it And The Universe Will Serve it - Gabby Bernstein

Believe You Deserve it And The Universe Will Serve it - Gabby Bernstein

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