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The Wellness Edition No. 51 // Balance

Striving for balance can be hard, am I right? Living a life that feels balanced is a real challenge for most of us I’d say. Do you agree with me here? Either all we do is work and everything else comes short or we are totally distracted from what we should actually be doing and get lost in random stuff instead that is not leading anywhere. So, both sides are not good! Finding balance is the key! And that goes for everything in life IMHO.

Unfortunately most workplaces don’t really give you the chance to strive for a healthy work-life-balance, that was one of the reasons why I opted out of this common model and decided to start my own thang…and that certainly was the best move for me! As a freelancer, it is much easier to strive for balance because you have more control over the hours you work and the ones you don’t. Big help to not feel burnt out easily.

Balance is not just important for your work-life, also for any other aspect. Socialising and taking time for yourself, here balance is really important as well, otherwise things won’t look too bright because you either feel overwhelmed by too much social interaction or the opposite, you start feeling lonely because of no social interaction. Both not what we want, right. No, we want to strive for a healthy balance that makes us feel well and supports the lifestyle we actually want to live.

Where balance also is a superpower is when it comes to food and sleep, don’t overdo it but also don’t undergo it. You get what I mean? I can only speak for myself here, but 7 to 8 hours of sleep and 3 meals a day do the trick for me. Might not sound glamorous or maybe even a bit square, but hey, it does wonders to feeling well! You might wonder why I am insisting on this here but I struggled for a long time to find this kind of balance here and I know I am not alone, many other people have a hard job as well figuring out what kind of eating and sleeping routine fits them best. So this is super important and it also means it is something we should openly talk about more since it is such a problem for many of us.

So, keep it balanced baby!

xx, yous truly

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